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RX-7 Ultra High-speed Placer


Placement Head
P16 / P16: 2 high-speed rotary heads (16 + 16 nozzles)
P16 / P8: 2 high-speed rotary heads (16 + 8 nozzles)
P8 / P8: 2 high-speed rotary heads (8 + 8 nozzles)

JUKI's configurable rotary head system enables a flexible solution according to specific customer production needs to increase effiency ! 


Placement rate
up to 75,000 cph (optimum)

Component range
from 03015 up to 25 x 25 mm

Component height
up to 10,5 mm

Placement accuracy
±40 μm (01005 to 0402)
±60 μm (squared chip equivalent 0603 size or larger / squared chip LED)

Board dimensions
up to 510 x 450 mm (single mode)
up to 510 x 250 mm (dual mode)

brochure (pdf)
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The legal headquarters transferred to our German location in Nuremberg on 01.01.2017.

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Uartronica, one of the biggest EMS companies in Portugal has invested in three further SMD-Lines for their new production. The big project includes several JUKI High Speed machines of the RX-Series, fully equipped with Intelligence and Traceability. To secure a 100% optimized material flow several JUKI ISM Component Towers will be installed in addition.

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